'Pinstripe Pushirons design and handcraft bespoke bicycle frames in steel. For three years I have been building frames for myself & friends; my aim is to provide unique frames that stand out from the crowd and echo the riders personality.  Performance of the frames is equally as important as the aesthetics and I am proud to say that my designs are race winning.  In August 2011 I rode my own Pinstripe Pushirons bike onto the top step of the podium in the singlespeed class at Sleepless in the Saddle.'

Pinstripe Push Irons

Artisan steel-frame bicycles from the heart of Snowdonia.

Precision, elegance and economy of design are themes that run innate through the work of silversmith turned framebuilder and Slate Cycles founder, Christy Boothroyd. These qualities, combined with an uncompromising bespoke approach to framebuiding, form the underlying ethos that defines Slate Cycles.



Ty Newydd, Dinorwig, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, LL55 3ES

Slate Cycles

Leet bikes is the fusion of design guru Nigel Easter and frame building wizard Nick Shaw, and we are proud to bring our “version one point zero” bike frame to Bespoked 2012. The v1.0 is fast, rugged and unashamedly urban ... whether you’re a commuter or polo animal; ride 26 or 700; fixed or geared,; tricks or just balls out fast, .. this frame does it all. Fat tubes and rammed rear end (a design nod to the Saxon Twin tube of old) gives  awesome acceleration and sweet agile handling, whatever you choose to do. Handbuilt to your exact specifications, obviously


Leet Bicycles

I like my bicycles to be practical and beautiful.

From small-wheel tourers with separable frames (using S&S couplings) built in 1996, through track bikes I rode at the Masters Track Championships and fixed-gear road bikes, to my latest road frame my aim has been to make something better than I could find off the shelf.I build mostly in Columbus tubing and almost all my frames are lugless, fillet-brazed.

I'm based in Harrogate, surrounded by great riding and beautiful countryside.




Having a passion for using natural materials, working as a bicycle mechanic and a love of cycling, has led me to making Boocycles.

Bamboo bikes are becoming increasingly popular. The others that I have seen are only frames partially consisting of bamboo. Therefore each time I begin making I set out to make more of the bike from bamboo than previously. In addition I am not just making the bikes for show, but comparable to other, far more tried and tested materials, in an effort to make the most environmentally friendly mode of transport.



I am a profesional engineer with over 30 years experience and being unable to find a suitable steel frame a few years ago, I decided to build one myself and enjoyed the process so much, I made a few more for friends and family. I build lugged steel frames using Reynolds or Colombus tubing and make wheels the traditional way by hand. Now I build a small number of frames to order. I am a keen triathlete and still race regularly.


Simon Jenkins Cycles

As a way to test my bike frames I worked as a cycle courier in London for three years. I finished my first build and clocked up over 30,000 miles on it in this time, and it's still my daily ride.

Last year I visited many frame builders in the USA and brought back skills and knowledge to my own workshop in London.

I'm now honing my torch skills under master brazer Abdul El Saidi at my day job at the Brompton bicycle factory.

I hope you'll find me with my 3rd frame at the new builders area.

Wilkinson Cycles

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New Builders
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New Builders

It all began with a desire to have a tall bike. Since then I've been delving into the art of frame building. I build traditional style frames, tall bikes, trailers and advertising bikes.

Recently I've been making retro steel CRMO stems and bars.

It's great getting your hands dirty and making stuff.

Manchester Custom Cycles

Oak cycles is a workshop that specializes in the design, fabrication and repair of custom steel bicycle frames. Every frame is a unique project. There are no stock sizes; nothing comes “off the peg”. We focus on fit and geometry, and look forward to collaborating with you on your design. Our bikes have toured the world, crossed finish lines and stood up to long days on the courier circuit. We understand that a bike is more than just transport, it’s a passion.

+44 (0) 751 789 0735

Oak Cycles