The meeting place for those making bicycles by hand to share ideas and values

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This website, like the collective, is currently under construction

The Date of the next meeting is January 12th - 13th 2013 - York

The location and accomodation infomation will follow shortly, if you would like to attend please let Ricky Feather know




- Conforming entry/ EN testing using Bureau Vertitas

- building a test frame 

- standardised tubing and geometry 

- alignment testing 

- different levels of entry eg , framebuilder, aspirant framebuilder, industry member, friend


Visiting Bureau Veritas 

- to get a technical understanding of how different forces affect a bike frame (in the test) 

- Launching at Bespoked (100 years of Stainless) 


- Once the Collective has members 

- promotion of UK framebuilding through the collective, with an emphasis on quality and standards

- design and branding of the collective

- insurance - en testing must enable us to get cheaper insurance

- discounts/better rates for the collective 



- Constructors Challenge




Saturday - Mountain Biking 

Sunday - Road

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