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This website, like the collective, is currently under construction

Rides for the Jan meet are being planned details shortly


Saturday 13th October

Mountain biking in Cannock Chase. It's a trail centre with a number of marked courses.

The carpark is pay and display (not sure how much).


Birches Valley Cafe

‪Biirches Valley Forest Centre, ‬

‪Lady Hill‬

‪Rugeley, ‬

‪Staffordshire ‬

‪WS15 2UQ‬

Many Thanks to Brian Rourke for helping out with the planning of these rides.

We shall start the Sunday ride after breakfast about 9. The final route will be decided then.

Route details can be found by clicking the 'view full route' and gpx files can be downloaded on the right of the map.

Route 2 - Cat and Fiddle & Peak View Tea Rooms

Shorter than route 1 but we shall need to drive to the start. This route starts and finishes at Leek Cricket Club ST13 8SG

Route 1 -

This starts and finishes from the Lakeside Tavern - There are many options to make it shorter

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