It has come to our attention while organising Bespoked Bristol - The UK Handmade and Boutique Bicycle Show that there is not a central resource listing all handmade bicycle makers. We have found that people are using the Bespoked Bristol website for this information, which is great for the show but we feel a more year round, complete directory would be better. So we have established The Handmade Bicycle Directory, which will enable the public to find details on handmade bicycle makers in the UK, Europe and beyond. The directory will also clarify terms used.

We will be including the UK edition of this directory as part of Bespoked Bristol 2011 Show Catalogue which will be given to each person attending the show. It will also be sent out across the industry. The format for the catalogue will be different to this page.

Basic Entry is free (example below)

Entry Details

To be included in this directory please email join@thmbd.com answering the questions below (cut and paste into an email).

  1. 1.What do you make and how do you make it? Use the definitions below regarding production methods

Materials used - Steel, Carbon fiber,Titanium, Aluminum


  1. -Custom Built – In house (excluding spraying)

- Custom Built – Manufacture Outsourced

  1. -Boutique frames and Bicycles (Small Scale Batch Production)

   - In house

   - Manufacture Outsourced


- Vintage Frames and Bicycles

2. Contact details - what you want displayed address, email, website, phone, facebook, twitter, flickr etc

  1. 3.Wait time and output (an estimate of how many frames/products are produced each year)?

4. A short description (100 words) about what you make and how you do it and what materials used (full entry only)

5. A copy of your logo, and up to 5 photos  (full entry only)

Please email the following details to join@thmbd.com

Full Entry is £25 per year, introductory price - invoices will only be sent out once the site is fully functioning


A description about what you make and how (100 words)

Your photos can be added to the Gallery and our Facebook Page


phone number





phone number



Click here to see a working example of the full entry

Al, Cf, S, Ti,

Al, Cf, S, Ti,